Our Story 

We are passionate about natural body care. With the increased number of skin conditions including dry skin and eczema, we decided to research on natural products that are not harmful to the body and that are gentler over-time. We’ve identified excellent natural oils and body butters that are premium quality and completely natural, which when combined, provides nourishment to our skin and hair.

EJN LLC was founded in 2016 to manufacture natural body and hair care products, including lotions, balms, moisturizers, conditioners, oil treatments and soaps. Our products are completely natural, earth friendly and prevent irritation. In addition to ensuring that our customers use natural products, we aim to improve the livelihood of manufacturers and farmers by purchasing our key organic raw materials from trusted local farmers only.

Our wide-array of natural skin care and hair products are handmade and packaged with love. Also, our raw materials are purchased from trusted local farmers. There are no parabens or harmful chemicals in our products and all ingredients are disclosed on the ingredients list.

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